Benefits for the hospital

BodyWatch Meal Planner Connect enables better and more efficient outpatient care. It will help your hospital realize these outcomes:

  • Staying connected to outpatients in between sessions
  • Monitoring outpatients and keeping them motivated
  • Prevent unnecessary early loss of reimbursement
  • Prevent acute hospital (re)admissions
  • Staying relevant and competitive in light of ambulant care developments
The bottom line is: efficient outpatient care is how your hospital balances rising inpatient expenses with outpatient care opportunities.

Patient benefits

Studies show that magic happens when people start planning and tracking their meals. Their chances of compliance and better health outcomes increase dramatically. Apart from that, your patients will benefit from the BodyWatch Meal Planner Connect in these ways as well:

  • Fresh inspiration with recipes that are “safe” to eat
  • Saving time and hassle through generating grocery lists
  • Getting support and motivation wherever they are

Benefits for the Clinical Dietitian

BodyWatch Meal Planner Connect ties in nicely with your existing workflow. It will help you to accomplish these goals:

  • Encourage patient self-management and self-monitoring
  • Work more efficiently by automating tedious tasks
  • Support you in applying the Nutritional Care Process (NCP)
  • Enjoy more meaningful conversations with your patients
  • Help your patients achieve better health outcomes

Experience improved outpatient care now

It results in a happier workforce, healthier patients and healthier margins overall. Don’t want to take our words for it?

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